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Your Go-To Storm Damage Checklist

Here in the Midwest, we have seen our fair share of rough weather throughout the years. From tornadoes to flash floods, we have seen a lot. Sadly, these events can cause extreme damage to your roof and home. When a storm hits, you should have a checklist to follow to ensure your home and roof are still sound and secure. Join us through this article to take a look at our go-to storm damage checklist and how our team at Rhino Roofing can help along the way.

Schedule a Roofing Inspection

First and foremost, you should contact a trusted roofer in Overland Park to schedule an inspection to help you with the initial damage assessment. Free inspections are available to ensure you are aware of any possible damages that may be hidden beneath the surface.

Visually Assess the Roof

You can visually assess your roof by walking around the perimeter of your home and taking note of any visible damage. You might also have a good view of certain parts of your roof from windows. Take pictures and keep record of damage as this could potentially be helpful for insurance purposes later. Roofers in Overland Park encourage you to be as mindful as possible about these damages.

Check Gutters, Vents, and Windows

Here you can check for dents, damaged gables, and overhands. Windows should also be inspected for cracks, broken glass, or damaged weather strips.  A storm in the Midwest can damage many parts of your home, and it is important to ensure you don’t miss any possible hidden damage.

Ensure No Damage is Done to Attics and Ceilings

Check your attics and ceilings for leaks and lingering water spots. While your roof may appear undamaged at first, wind and hail can cause hidden leaks that may lead to much larger problems later on. Ceilings, light fixtures, and attics should all be properly inspected for water spots after any large storm.

Types of Storm Damage We See in the Midwest

  • Standing Water
  • Debris
  • Hail
  • Ice and Snow
  • Wind

Hire a Trusted Roofing Company in Overland Park

It is important to work with a roofing company you can trust. While many roofing companies may compete for your business after a large storm, you should only choose a roofing company you trust. One way you can do that is by reviewing the services your local roofing companies offer and whether or not their quality of service lines up with your roofing needs. If you have any hesitation, contact our team today to talk about how we can help with your roofing projects. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your roofing needs.

Ready to Hire the Best Overland Park Roofing Company Today?

Our team at Rhino Roofing looks forward to working with you on your upcoming roof project. Contact us today for a comprehensive roof inspection at (913) 371-9009, When choosing Rhino Roofing, an outstanding Overland Park roofing company, you also choose experience, professionalism, and reliability for any of your roofing needs.