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Winter Roofing Worries and How a Johnson County Roofing Company Can Help

Winter weather is upon us, which means you are going to have to be dealing with the harsh Midwest winter very soon. This could mean ice, sleet, snow, and lots of it! The bitter cold can take its toll on your roof, so it’s good to know some common winter roof issues and identify them before it’s too late. Here are some issues to be aware of this winter, according to Rhino Roofing, a leading roofing company in Johnson County.

Leaks in Your Flashings

Flashing is the metal strips that are put along the edges and corners of your roofing material. A harsh winter storm can cause the flashings to break away and leak. Flashings should be thoroughly examined about twice a year to make sure they are in good shape and able to protect your roof from moisture.

Strong Winter Storms

Winter storms can wreak havoc on your roof. Not only can a windy winter storm cause damage and loosen your shingles, but they can also dump heavy snow and ice onto your roof. It is critical to make sure your roof is in the best possible shape to be able to withstand a strong winter storm. Make sure and contact a Johnson County roofing company to take a good look at your roof before winter weather hits. Being proactive with your roof can help prevent significant damage.


Ice is a big contributor to winter roof leaks. When ice collects on your roof, it typically thaws a during the day and then refreezes at night. When this happens, the melted water can gather near your roof and could potentially leak into your home.

This is especially true if there are any cracks in your shingles or guttering system. Ice can also cause your gutters and the roofing system to break down due to the excess weight. This can also cause gutters to fall, which creates exposed areas of your roof, according to a roofer in Overland Park.


If you have any big trees that give you shade during the hot summers, you can see the benefit of having them tower above your home. However, in the cold winters, this can mean danger to your roof and your home. Trees falling onto your roof can be catastrophic for your home, the contents inside, and could even put your family in danger.

Large trees and branches can also fall on nearby cars parked or even onto people. If you have a big winter storm that dumps snow and ice onto a nearby tree, the weight can be too much to support and result in branches falling onto your roof.

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An experienced roofer in Overland Park like Rhino Roofing can ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape and ready for winter weather. We offer seamless and hassle-free inspections, roof replacements, or emergency roof repair in Kansas City. Our residential roofing contractors in Overland Park and the surrounding KC metro area are licensed and insured to make sure your home is always protected.

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