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Why Roof Ventilation is So Important

The primary purpose of your roof is to cover your home and keep the weather outside where it belongs. A properly built roof is more than just a big umbrella. Your roof needs to keep rain, snow, and air outside, but it also needs to allow your home to “breathe.” An inadequately ventilated roof will produce all kinds of problems inside your home. If you suspect a ventilation problem, you should check for the following symptoms and call one of the best Olathe Roofing companies for a professional inspection.

Excessive Humidity

Your home’s HVAC system is the most critical factor in reducing the humidity level inside your home. However, your home’s attic space is probably neither heated nor cooled––at least not the entire attic space. This is where roof ventilation comes into play. Your attic needs vents that let warm, humid air escape and cool, fresh air enter. This is typically accomplished through a combination of soffit vents, roof vents, and ridge vents. However, if any of these vents are missing or become blocked, the result will be the accumulation of humidity in your attic and possibly inside your living space.

High Utility Bills

An unventilated roof will cause your attic space to become excessively hot in the summer because hot air is not allowed to escape. This, in turn, will lead to increased air temperatures inside your home. Your air conditioner will then have to work extremely hard on hot days to keep your home cool. Simply adding roof and soffit vents can greatly affect your home’s air conditioning costs.

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Mold and Mildew

A roof without adequate ventilation will also retain excessive moisture inside your home. If this moisture is not allowed to escape, it will quickly penetrate your home’s wooden structure causing mold, mildew, and rot. Are  you struggling with a persistent mold or mildew problem inside your home? It may be the result of an inadequately ventilated roof. Other signs of moisture damage to your home include mold and mildew on your roof’s surface and a sagging roof.

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