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Why Is Fall the Best Time for Roof Repair in Overland Park? Merriam Roofing Company | Roeland Park Roofing Company | Shawnee Roofing Company | Lenexa Roofing Company

Why Is Fall the Best Time for Roof Repair?

Why Is Fall the Best Time for Roof Repair in Overland Park?

If you are considering roof repair, it is important to understand that timing is everything. As an experienced roofing contractor in Overland Park, we have found that fall is the best time for roof repair and replacement. Our team at Rhino Roofing understands that roof problems do not always time well, and it does not always happen during our favorite seasons. However, if we had to choose, we would say fall is a great time for roof work. Join us throughout this article to learn why we favor this season most. 

Prepare the Exterior of Your House 

Roofing companies appreciate the fall months for many reasons, but the first is the perfect weather. During the summer when it’s horrendously hot and the winter is brutally cold, it can be difficult for even the best roofer in Overland Park to complete a roofing project quickly without a weather dilemma. Another reason why you should hire an Overland Park roofing company during the fall is that a new roof will help you save on heat during the winter. It will help better insulate your home and prevent cold drafts finding their way inside. 

Winter is Coming 

Your roof was designed to handle a certain amount of snow, but sometimes winter storms dump more than an aging roof can take. Heavy ice buildup can overload roof flashing and tie-ins, especially if your shingles are already crumbling. When icicles form along the roof line, snow builds up behind them and works its way underneath shingles. Heat from your attic causes snow melt to drip into your home. Water gets into the jagged edges of worn shingles and expands when it freezes again, widening the tear. It is important to call the best roofing company in Overland Park to examine your roof for damage and help you with a solution, whether that be roof repair or a new roof.

Why Is Fall the Best Time for Roof Repair in Overland Park?

Ideal Weather 

Any day the temperature is above 45 degrees is perfect for roofing. Asphalt shingles need time to adhere correctly to your roof for good thermal sealing. Installing your new roof in the fall makes sure you have a few months before it gets too cold. This allows the shingles’ seal strips to melt and adhere properly due to the ambient warmth, a process known as thermal sealing. At the same time, your roofers in Overland Park will be able to work better when it’s not excessively hot. 

Considering Roof Repair in Overland Park? 

Are you considering hiring a company for roof repair in Overland Park this fall? Look no further than Rhino Roofing. Our team of expert roofers are dedicated to providing you with high-quality results at the end of our project. Contact Rhino Roofing today at 913-371-9099 to discuss how we can help with your roofing needs.