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Why a Damaged Roof Needs Immediate Repair

In the beginning, a small roof leak may seem like more of a nuisance than a serious problem. Nonetheless, the brown water stain growing on your ceiling is a huge deal. The problem with small water leaks isn’t primarily with what you see––it’s what you can’t see. If you need roof repair in Overland Park, don’t delay calling a roofing company in Overland Park. Small leaks have the potential to cause major damage.


Water and Moisture in Your Attic Contribute to Mold Growth

Just a little water in your attic can lead to significant growth of mold and mildew if not dried out quickly. Mold inside your home is detrimental to everyone inside, but it is especially harmful to children, the elderly, and anyone with severe allergies or weakened immune systems.


Water Leaks Are Often Larger Than They Appear

During a rainstorm, a small hole in your roof can allow a surprising amount of water into your home. At first, it may appear that only a little water has penetrated a small spot on your ceiling. Upon closer inspection, you may discover the water has entered your attic, run down rafters, into wall cavities, and soaked your floor.

If weeks or even days are allowed to pass without repair, you may have not only water damage but also mold damage. Call a professional Overland Park roofer for a comprehensive home inspection if you suspect a roof leak.


Water Leaks Can Lead to Structural Damage

If water penetrates your roof and soaks the wooden roof supports (rafters, purlins, decking, etc.), it won’t take long for the wood to deteriorate, rot, and lose its structural integrity. The most significant visible indicator of rot in a residential roof is noticeable sagging.

Sometimes a small leak near a roof vent, skylight, or satellite dish can allow significant water into a home while the shingles are still in excellent condition. If you find a water leak in your home, don’t risk major damage. Call a roofing company in Overland Park right away.

If your roof starts leaking, call us for help! We can help you any time––day or night. We take Overland Park emergency roof repair seriously. Not all Overland Park roofing companies are available to help you on short notice or in the middle of the night––but Rhino Roofing has you covered.


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