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Emergency Roof Repair in Kansas City

What You Should Do When You Find Yourself Needing Emergency Roof Repair in Kansas City

The middle of the winter season is not a great time to realize you need emergency roof repair in Overland Park, or in the surrounding KC metro area. However, if you find you have a leak or damage to your roof, it’s imperative that you tend to it right away to avoid further damage.

Most people have no idea what to do if they find themselves in that situation. This is why it’s important for homeowners to have trustworthy residential roofing contractors in Overland Park.

Here are a few steps to remember if you find yourself in a situation with a compromised roof that requires emergency repairs:

Remove All Items from Out of Harm’s Way

If your roof is leaking into your attic, make sure you go up into your attic to put down tarps to prevent leakage into other parts of the home. It’s also essential to move anything of value way far out of the way. This includes items like furniture, memorabilia, and any other item that would be damaged by water. You should temporarily relocate these items until you can call a roofer in Johnson County to repair the issue.

Protect the Damage from Spreading

This means that you will need to place buckets, bowls, tarps, trash bins, or whatever you have laying around your home to temporarily stop the leak from spreading and causing more damage. Make sure and keep an eye on the leak, dumping the water as needed until a roofing company in Overland Park can get to your home and fix the issue permanently.

Place a Tarp on Top of Your Roof

If it’s physically possible for you to climb onto your roof, you should do so immediately. Find out where it’s leaking or if there is an obvious hole. Place a tarp with maybe some bricks to keep it down temporarily.

Temporarily adding a tarp will prevent critters from crawling into your attic and temporarily stop snow or water from leaking inside. Tarps will divert water to another area of the roof that is in better shape. This is the best way to keep damage to a minimum.

Make Sure and Document Your Damage

In some cases, you will need to provide photo evidence of your damage to submit to insurance companies. It’s best to snap a few detailed photos before you start to cover it up and before repair work begins on the damaged area.

Contact Rhino Roofing for All Your Roofing Needs

When you work with Rhino Roofing, a trusted roofer in Johnson County, you can be sure that your roof repair will be handled quickly, efficiently, and with the highest degree of customer service. We’ll be there for you if you need an emergency roof repair in Kansas City.

Give us a call at (913) 371-9099 or visit our website to fill out a form for a free quote today. We will make sure your roof is repaired with zero hassle so you can focus on celebrating the holidays!