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What to Do After a New Roof Installation

Once a Johnson County roofing company has installed your new roof, don’t assume that you can forget about your roof. It is possible for even the best roofer in Johnson County to make mistakes. After your new roof in Johnson County has been installed, you need to do your own inspection and plan for future maintenance.

Do Your Own Walk-Around Inspection

Unless you are a professional roofer, you probably don’t know too much about the technical aspects of roofing. Don’t let that stop you from inspecting your roof. Check for obvious problems like missing flashing, misaligned shingles, gutters that weren’t reinstalled, or a mess left behind by the roofer. Sometimes Johnson County roofing companies get in a rush and leave certain details undone. An honest roofer will leave your yard clean and come back to repair any mistakes.

Inspect Your Attic

If shingles and decking were replaced, some old shingles or other materials might have fallen inside your attic. The roofing company should leave your attic clean. So, if you find roofing materials in your attic, request that the roofer comes back to clean it.

Ensure Your Warranty is Registered with the Manufacturer

If your roofing materials came with a warranty, you might need to register with the manufacturer for the warranty to take effect. Check with your roofer and read the fine print that came with shingles or any other purchased materials. If something needs to be registered, take care of it right away.

Save Your Paperwork and Receipts in a Safe Place

Most shingle roofs will last twenty to thirty years and have warranties for at least twenty years. However, if you have a problem in ten or fifteen years, will you know where the paperwork for your roof installation is stored? Make sure you save receipts and any other paperwork, including warranty information, in a safe place.

Schedule Inspections

The best way to ensure your roof lasts is to keep up with regular inspections and maintenance. Most roofing companies will schedule regular inspections of your roof as far as a year ahead of time. Go ahead and schedule your first inspection as soon as your new roof is installed. Regular inspections help ensure that any problems with your roof are identified before they become severe.

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