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Tips For Roof Inspections From The Best Roofer In Overland Park

Your roof does a lot of work for you. It protects you from the weather, keeps you cool in the summer, and keeps you warm in the winter. To ensure that our roofs continue to operate as your Overland Park roofing company intended, we must perform regular roof inspections to ensure we don’t need roof repair in Overland Park. Environmental changes of temperature, rain, snow, sleet, and ice can leave your roof with any number of reasons to call for emergency roof repair in Overland Park, and that’s why you must inspect it. Here are tips for roof inspections from the best roofer in Overland Park.

Check Your Shingles

Residential roofing contractors in Overland Park will tell you that damaged shingles that are loose, curled, blistered, or broken can lead to an emergency, more costly repairs. To inspect specific shingles, carefully lift a shingle to make sure you see roofing underlayment between the shingles and the roof decking. If this underlayment is missing, the roof has most likely been installed improperly, and you might need a new roof in Overland Park. Your trusted Overland Park roofing companies can you help you inspect your shingles.

Check Your Flashing

Check your roof’s valleys for cracked roofing, holes in patching, or failure for any metal valley flashing. A roof valley is where two different roof planes meet. Check the flashing around roof penetrations, such as vent pipes. They should be tight, sealed, with a flashing boot and pliable caulking cement. Make sure there are no gaps between the flashing and chimney walls either.

Check Your Gutters

A telltale sign of granular erosion of asphalt shingles is locating roof granules in your gutters. This can be a sign of your roof’s age and deterioration. This is important for even commercial roofing contractors in Overland Park. Make sure the gutter and downspout system is cleaned and functioning properly. This will help prevent potential leaking in your roof or siding. Water can build up under lower edge roof shingles and also drain between the gutter and rot the fascia boards.

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