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The Importance of Having a Roofer in Johnson County Check on Your Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is something that most people don’t think about often. If your ventilation is not working properly, it can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in heating costs this winter. First, let’s discuss the reasons why roof ventilation is so important with tips from a roofer in Johnson County.

Why is Roof Ventilation So Important?

Increases Your Roof’s Longevity

Moisture in the air can cause a breakdown of your roof and its structure over time. Especially in the summer months when you have really hot air, paired with moisture caught in the attic space. According to most Johnson County roofing companies, this is a great place for mold and mildew to grow, spread, and thrive. When your attic space has good ventilation, it allows air to flow in and out cutting down on moisture.

Helps Prevent Ice Accumulation

Your roof will create ice dams that can cause severe water damage to your home. When the attic is not vented correctly, and there is snow on your roof, it can cause water to melt then refreeze. This is due to the hot air being trapped beneath your roofing system in the attic. When this happens, it can cause water to sit on your roof or along your gutter system. This water can start to seep in with nowhere else to go. Call a roofing company in Johnson Countyright away if you notice water stains due to ice dams.

Excessive Heat

When heat it is trapped with nowhere to go, it can warp the wood and roofing structure over time. Have you ever left anything out in the hot sun to find it misshapen or melted? Although roofing materials are pretty sturdy and meant for extreme conditions, your roof wasn’t meant to not have attic insulation.

The heat in the summer is way hotter in your attic than the temperatures outside. This can cause your roofing system to expand and contract and even bow in areas. Over time this can break down the structure of your roof, and it can’t do its job of keeping the elements out of your home anymore. When you hire a roofing company in Johnson County to evaluate your attic, it will save you money and a huge hassle in the long run.


Now that we know some of the reasons for why attic ventilation is so important from a Johnson County roofing company, how do you spot when your ventilation isn’t working well?

  • Shingles that are warping
  • Rust on metal areas of your attic such as nails, light fixtures, and vents
  • Your energy costs have skyrocketed despite regular use
  • You are having asthma type symptoms that you have never had before
  • Noticeable water stains throughout your attic space
  • Ice dams around the guttering system of your roof

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