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Signs of Hail Damage on a Roof

Roofs are designed with a few things in mind, and one of those things is extreme weather. As you know, rain sometimes brings its friend hail to pop in and say hello. Well, let’s say roofs and hail do not get along very well.  Here are signs of hail damage on a roof!   Hailstones ranging in size anywhere between that of a pea to as large as a softball, and falling from the sky at full force can wreak havoc on our roofs. Unfortunately, because it’s relatively challenging to view a roof at ground level, it can be hard to know whether or not your roof experienced any damage in a hailstorm.   After a storm, Overland Park roofing companies spend time driving around neighborhoods looking for any signs of hail damage on a roof. To help you identify whether or not your roof sustained hail damage, we will discuss the symptoms of residential roofing contractors in Overland Park look for during inspections.  
  1. Shingle granules
Sometimes hail damage on roof shingles can be pretty easy to spot, but the majority of the time it takes the eye of the best roofer in Overland Park to notice it. When hail hits the roof, it can knock of granules from an asphalt shingle. Even though the impact may not be that severe, those granules are what protect our homes from a leaky roof. Don’t underestimate the power of hail.  
  1. Dented gutters, roof vents, or A/C vent
One of the most telltale signs your roof likely sustained hail damage is when your gutters, roof vents, or other metal surfaces have any dents or dings. Depending on hailstone size, impaction can be very minimal or very large. An Overland Park roofing company may inspect these areas first to determine the extent of damage up top.  
  1. Exposed areas
Another surefire sign of hail damage is missing shingles and exposed areas of your roof. If you do see any missing pieces, call Rhino Roofing for roof repair in Overland Park. You do not want those areas exposed for long! If left untreated you risk extensive damage to your home, such as a leaky roof and possibly needing a new roof in Overland Park.  
  1. Cracks
Along with shingle granules, cracked shingles are another significant indicator you may need to call for roof repair in Overland Park. This may have occurred pre-hailstorm, but either way, you will want to get those fixed as soon as possible.