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Roof Problems Caused By Vegetation

Whenever someone thinks about the primary sources of roof problems, they often think of storms and heavy rain. While this is partially true, nearby vegetation also plays a significant role in a roof’s health and condition. As one of the best Overland Park roofing companies, here are just a few roof problems caused by vegetation that we think every homeowner should be aware of.

Tree Damage

If you live in an area where large trees surround your home, it’s important that you are mindful of how trees can damage your roof. First off, tree limbs that hang over your home can easily be detached when a strong storm rolls through. Additionally, lightning can also strike a tree and cause it to fall onto your home, resulting in serious damage. If you are building a home in the new future, be careful where you decide to plant trees in your yard to avoid such problems.


Not only do overhanging limbs create the possibility of damage, but they also can create bio-growth hazards. Large trees that hang over parts of your roof obstruct sunlight and ultimately produce an excellent shaded area for moss and algae to grow and thrive. Bio-growth can be very harmful to a roof if not removed and taken care of as soon as possible, as it will just continue to grow. The longer you wait to remove moss and algae, the more likely you will need an entirely new roof.

Clogged Gutters

A common problem roofing companies find is that many homeowners don’t take their clogged gutters seriously enough. Gutters and downspouts clogged with leaves and twigs can create major issues with the roofing system if not cleared out. This is especially true in the winter when water freezes, ultimately resulting in ice dams and broken gutters. Check out our blog on ice dams here to learn more about the seriousness of them.

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Debris Collection

If your roof has a minimal slope, it is easier for debris to collect on it. If you find debris like twigs and leaves lying on your roof after a storm, roofing companies highly recommend removing the debris. Debris removal will help avoid clogged gutters and downspouts and shingle damage. 

If you need an emergency roof repair or a new roof in Overland Park, contact the team at Rhino Roofing today. We consider ourselves to be one of the best roofing companies because of our head-on approach when it comes to residential and commercial roofing. We have expert residential and commercial roofing contractors ready to tackle any problem you may be facing. Call 913-371-9099 today for an inspection!