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Questions to Ask an Overland Park Roofing Contractor

You’ve decided it’s time to either repair or replace your roof and you’ve done your research on Overland Park Roofing Companies. You’ve picked out a couple to receive estimates from, but you want to make sure you’ll be receiving the best roofer in Overland Park who will get the job done and at an affordable price. So how do you determine that?  Here are questions to Ask an Overland Park Roofing Contractor.


During your inspection with a potential roofing contractor, ask these eight questions before you put your roof in their hands.  


#1. Are you licensed? 

As of July 1, 2013, the state of Kansas made it a requirement that every roofing contractor acquires a registered roofing contractor licenseThis ensures every roofer understands and will comply with the state’s code requirements.  


#2. Do you have a workman’s comp insurance? 

Workman’s compensation is what covers the roofing companies employees in case of any injuries. Without one, and if any accident happens on your property, you could be responsible for covering the debts. This is incredibly important for you, as a homeowner, to hire a company that has this insurance and for you to verify it physically. 


#3. Do you have general liability insurance? 

General liability insurance goes hand-in-hand with workman’s comp insurance. While workman’s comp covers the employees, general liability covers any damage to your property. If a contractor doesn’t have this insurance and your house catches fire from welding, for example, you’ll be the one covering the costs. Just like workman’s comp, ask to see a physical copy of the Overland Park roofing companies general liability insurance for proof. 


#4. What is the warranty for my new roof? 

The minimum warranty for new shingles is 25 years. Different roofing materials have shorter lifespans than others, so you want to make sure your roof will be covered under warranty for as long as possible 


#5. How will you protect my gutters, driveway, and the rest of my property from damage? 

Roofing requires a lot of equipment and tools such as ladders, trucks, tables, and dumpsters. Before signing a contract, ask the residential roofing contractors in Overland Park how they will protect your property and where they will be placing all of their equipment. It’s important to keep your gutters safe from damage, or else you’ll need to replace those too. 


#6. What training do the crew members have? Are they all experienced? 

Just how you don’t want an inexperienced pilot flying your plane, you also don’t want inexperienced roofers installing a new roof on your home. It’d be one thing to have a crew with one new member, but to have a crew with half of the members be new is another thing. You want your roofing experience to be quick and efficient, and for that to happen, you want an experienced team who has been trained and knows what they’re doing. 


#7. Will you remove my old roof? 

This may sound like a silly question if you are getting a new roof in Overland Park, but some roofers have been known to just shingle over parts of the old roof to save time and money. However, without proper inspection and removal of old shingles, you’ll never know if rotten wood or other issues are occurring beneath the old roof, which will then cost you more problems down the road. 


#8. What will you do in the possibility of inclement weather? 

Obviously the weather is a big factor when doing any work outdoors. Ask your contractor what steps will be taken in the possibility of inclement weather. Will they cover the project with tarps or plastic covers? You want the roof to be dry, and the interior of your home protected from rain. 


While the roofing process may seem daunting and stressful, it’s crucial to ask these eight questions to residential roofing contractors in Overland Park before signing anything. You should feel confident you’re choosing the best Overland Park roofing company to install or repair your new roof. After all, it is what protects you and your home.  

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