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preparing flat roofs for winter

Preparing Flat Roofs For Winter

Winter is on its way, and that means that it’s time to go inspect your roof to avoid last minute emergency roof repair in Kansas City. The best roofer in Overland Park will tell you that winter and cold weather isn’t always bad for your roof, but it is if you don’t do your work ahead of time to prepare your commercial and residential roofs for the winter weather coming. Here are tips form roofing contractors in Overland Park on preparing flat roofs for winter.

Schedule An Inspection From Your Overland Park Roofing Company

Roof inspections are the bread and butter of healthy roofing. Without roofing inspections, roof maintenance will always turn into roof repair in Overland Park. Whether you have an older or new roof in Overland Park, roof inspections are always necessary. It’s important to fix and repair any issues that your roof system might be suffering from before winter weather arrives, but you won’t be able to repair the damage before a proper inspection takes place.

What you should be looking for:

  • Open & Loose Seams
  • Cracked Caulking & Failed Sealants
  • Cracked & Rusted Flashing
  • Gaps & Separations
  • Loose Roof Edges
  • Punctures In Roof Membrane

Overland Park roofing companies understand that preparing your roof for cold weather isn’t just an optional chore, but it is necessary to ensure your roof continues to keep you and your home safe for years to come.

Preparing Flat Roofs By Cleaning Them Off

While inspecting your roof, you should also be cleaning your roof of any dirt and debris that has found it’s home resting atop your roof’s surface. Anything sitting on your roof can be hazardous to your roof’s health and lifespan. If dirt and debris collect on your roof, it is likely that mold and mildew will also start to grow atop your roof, which can put you at risk of leaks and roof replacement or repair. When the snow melts later this spring, clear your roof off to ensure that no moisture gets trapped inside your roofing system.