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The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing; an Olathe Commercial Roofing Contractor Explains

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing; an Olathe Commercial Roofing Contractor Explains — Rhino Roofing is an Olathe commercial roofing contractor. As commercial roofers, we can handle the biggest and most complex roofing jobs. Commercial and residential roofing each have unique challenges. Consider the following differences between the two.

Commercial Roofs are Often Built Differently

Some commercial buildings are covered in asphalt shingles, like most residences in the Kansas City area. However, many businesses have flat roofs. Olathe flat roofs are covered in different materials, and the installation process is also much different. If your business, church, or organization needs a new flat roof, it is critical you hire an experienced commercial Olathe roofer.

Commercial Roofs are Normally Larger than Residential Roofs

Consider how much larger the roof of your local grocery store or hardware store is than the roof of your home. Larger roofs require specialized equipment, additional safety measures, and much larger crews to install in a reasonable timeframe. These additional requirements for larger roofs are one of the primary factors that distinguish commercial roofers from residential-only roofers. An experienced commercial roofer already has the equipment, crews, and other infrastructure necessary to complete a large commercial project successfully.

Commercial Roofs Have Unique Maintenance Requirements

Many commercial roofs, especially flat roofs, have maintenance requirements distinct from standard residential roofs. Flat roofs have special drainage systems that can become clogged if not kept clear of debris. Additionally, as flat roofs age, they sometimes develop low spots that retain water. If water is allowed to gather in these low spots, algae, mold, or fungus may begin to grow and quickly compromise the roof’s waterproofing.

Commercial Roofs often Require Special Permits for Repair and Replacement

Johnson County (like most other places in Kansas) requires building permits for commercial roofing repairs and roof replacement. Commercial re-roofing requires pre-approved plans before the permit can be granted. Experienced commercial roofers, like Rhino Roofing, understand these types of requirements and how to manage the entire permitting process. Never hire a roofer to repair or replace your commercial roof that doesn’t understand the permitting process.

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Rhino Roofing has ample experience with both commercial and residential work. Our professional crews can replace the roof at your business or repair a leak at your home. Contact us today for help with any roofing issue you have.

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