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How Overland Park Roofing Companies Locate & Resolve Leaks

A leaky roof will always present an array of issues for your Overland Park roofing company. Although residential roofing contractors in Overland Park appreciate work regarding roof repair in Overland Park, their priority is to make sure you and your home remain safe and water free. A water leak from your roof into your home can cause damage to both you and your belongings, so ensuring that your home is ready for the upcoming spring rainstorms is a priority for the best roofer in Overland Park. This is how Overland Park roofing companies locate & resolve leaks.

Locate and resolve leaks

Locate the Leak

When first attempting to resolve your leaky new roof in Overland Park, your roofer will first make sure they have the leak located inside your home or building. This will help them confirm that the source of the water on the inside of your home is indeed coming from outside and not from another issue stemming from another indoor appliance. Other than your roof, there are a lot of sources of leaks in your home ranging from plumbing, roof scuppers, roof drains, HVAC issues, and extreme condensation.

Determine the Culprit

Once your roofer has located the leak on the inside, they will determine how the water is finding its way into your home. By measuring the location of the leak on your ceiling and on the attic floor, they can determine how contained, and serious the leak is. Depending on the results from these measurements, emergency roof repair in Overland Park might be needed.

Locate the Underside Leak

Your roofer will now begin to attempt to locate the leak on the underside of your roof decking from the inside of your attic or crawl space. Finding the leak on the underside of the roof deck by using the measurements you took from before is extremely important.  The location of the actual entry point of the water into your attic may be different from where the leak is showing in your regular living space, and that is normal.


Once your roofer has taken their measurements and found the source of the intruding water and the damage following, it’s finally time to climb onto your roof. A great roofer will need to adjust their measurements previously taken to account for the depth of the exterior bearing walls and soffit overhangs.  After locating the place on your roof that water is entering from, your roofer will then know how to guide you through the process of deciding on the best repair method.