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Is Your Roof Ready For Springtime Showers?

Spring is almost here, and that means nourishing rain is on its way to rejuvenate the earth and provide us with beautiful Kansas City springtime scenery. To enjoy, spring’s storm and beauty will require some preparation though. The best roofer in Overland Park is here to help you ensure that your roof is ready for the rain showers that are on the way. Commercial roofing contractors in Overland Park understand that it’s not just homeowner’s, who need to be prepared, but also business owners and building managers as well. Avoiding emergency roof repair in Kansas City is only achieved by preparing for the storm seasons in advance. So, is your roof ready for springtime showers? Call your Overland Park roofing company today for an inspection and find out! Walk outside today and look up at your roof. Whether you have an old or new roof in Overland Park, inspecting your own roof is essential and extremely helpful when resolving repairs before they turn costly and damaging. If you notice any of these signs or issues, you might require roof repair in Overland Park by your preferred Overland Park roofing companies. • Inspect your roof for granules washing out in your gutters and downspouts. This occurs when asphalt dries out and allows the protective shingle granules to wash away in the rain. • Loose or missing shingles is also a sign that your roof is not ready for the extensive spring showers on the way. Loose or missing shingles raises your chance of water damage, which could easily lead to emergency roof repair in Overland Park. As a roof ages, the self-sealing asphalt that holds the shingles in place begins to loosen and weaken over time, which causes the shingles to be easily blown or washed away, leaving your home exposed. • Do you notice piles of leaves, sticks or other debris on your roof? You will usually find piles of debris in the corners by your chimney or gutter systems. These piles of debris raise the chance of water damage and mildew to grow and fester. • Be on the lookout for overhanging limbs from trees and shrubbery that could damage your roof if broken. Even if the limbs are healthy and intact, they could brush up against your roof and damage it during a storm. Fixing this issue is essential to maintaining a healthy roof.