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How to Keep your Building Cool in the Summer 

In Kansas, summers are especially brutal, which means your A/C will be blasting to cool down your building as much as possible. But did you know your roof plays an essential factor in the cooling of your building as well? If you want to lower your energy costs, here is how to keep your building cool in the summer.  

Cool Roof 

In the roofing industry, we are all about “cool” roofs. But what is it exactly? A cool roof is a roof that is designed to reflect heat. It’s typically covered with a reflective coating or light colored shingles. Overland Park roofing companies suggest having a cool roof to help your building absorb less heat, ultimately saving you energy and money by not needing to use your A/C as much during the summer.  

Attic Insulation 

When it comes to insulation, there are many options to choose ranging from polystyrene foam to more advanced options that the best roofer in Overland Park can tell you about. Having efficient attic insulation year round will help your air conditioner keep your home cool and prevent hot air from outside making its way in. This also applies during the winter, but you would reverse the roles. Along with having a cool roof, an Overland Park roofing company will tell you that efficient attic insulation is your second best bet at preventing summer temperatures passing through your roof and into your home. 

Roof Inspections 

If you know any roofer or follow any Overland Park roofing company on social media, then you know how much emphasis they put on annual roof inspections – and rightly so! As an Overland Park roofing company ourselves, we can’t stress enough how vital roof inspections are in a well-performing, healthy roof. By getting an inspection, residential roofing contractors in Overland Park will be able to examine any damage your roof may have and the insulation quality as well. 

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