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How to Identify Roof Problems When Buying a Home

It goes without saying that buying a new home is a huge decision. If you are interested in buying a new home, do you know how to spot potential problem areas? Many Johnson County roofing companies can help you inspect the roof of a home you are interested in buying, but can you identify the most significant signs of a poorly built roof yourself?

Mismatched Shingles

When an area of your roof leaks, it is perfectly acceptable in many cases to replace only a portion of the shingles in the area where the damage occurred. However, for the new shingles to seal correctly with the older shingles, they need to be identical (in everything except color) to the older shingles. If a homeowner doesn’t want to go to the expense of replacing an older roof or finding the proper shingles for a patch, they may use mismatched shingles in a repair. This is a sign of a lazy roofer, cheap homeowner, or an inept handyman. Either way––this is a definite red flag when buying a new home.

Ceiling Stains

Interior ceiling stains are almost always signs of a leaky roof. You should also look out for a recently painted ceiling in a house where most of the rooms weren’t painted. This may be a sign of a homeowner trying to cover up a roof leak.

Uneven Shingles

A poor roof installation or poorly executed roof patch are often indicated by crooked, loose, or uneven shingles. Shingles should run in very straight lines across the roof. Uneven shingle rows are the hallmark of a bad roofer.

Excess Roofing Sealer

A professional Johnson County roofing company will use only small amounts of roof sealer when installing or repairing a roof. The roof probably has problems if you notice large amounts of sealer around chimneys, roof vents, and flashing.

No Roof Vents or few Roof Vents

Another danger to look out for is a homeowner who installs the cheapest new roof possible with hopes of selling or flipping the house for profit. One major sign of a cheap roof installation is the failure to replace or install adequate roof vents. Houses need roof ventilation. If a roof has no vents, be very careful before making an offer.

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