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How to Identify if You Have Pests Creating Damage to Your Roof

As the weather gets colder, critters of every kind are looking for ways to stay warm during the winter months. Many will try to do this by crawling into small spaces of your home. Even a small opening is enough for many critters to access the attic or other areas around the roof.

If you start to hear scratches or other sounds in your attic or on your roof, it might be time for an emergency roof repair in Olathe. An expert can find out where the animal or pest got in and repair the space before winter comes.

You might ask, “What are some common animals or pests that could get into my home?” Here are the five most common:

  • Mice and Rats
  • Bees and Wasps
  • Birds and Bats (yes, bats are typical to the Midwest)
  • Racoons
  • Squirrels

Now that we know what some of these critters might be, how do you know if they are in your home? There are several things to look for and things to spot to verify their presence. Here are a few tips on how to identify unwanted guests in your home.

  • You can hear sounds such as chirping, scratching, chewing, or even sounds of a small animal running around, back and forth. These are some of the more obvious indicators that there is something loose in the attic space or on your roof. If you believe an animal has caused damage, it might be time for an emergency roof repair in Olathe or an inspection. An Olathe roofer can quickly spot areas of your roof that might be vulnerable to pests entering your home or attic space.
  • You notice chewing or scratching marks on wood, flashing, or insulation in the attic or roof. Small animals love to gnaw on surfaces, making this a prime indicator that you have a pest in your home.
  • You might see or smell animal droppings. This could occur in areas around your home, like the attic, gutters, or insulation. Once this has been spotted it can help you determine what type of pest has entered your home.
  • You can spot a nest that is empty or currently being used by the animal.
  • Holes or breaks in the eaves, air ducts, or fascia in your attic and roof.

Now that you know some common critters and ways to spot them, what do you do about them? It’s important to hire a pest control company to get rid of the pest, then have an inspection on your roof done by an Olathe roofing company. This can help diagnose any damage done by an animal so it can be fixed and ensure that everyone inside stays safe.

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