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How Regular Roof Inspections Can Save You Money

Many homeowners don’t understand the necessity of regular roof inspections. At Rhino Roofing, we highly recommend scheduling regular roof inspections at least once a year, but twice a year makes more sense especially if you have an older roof. Roof inspections are the best way to catch minor problems before they become major problems and ensure that your home insurance will pay for repairs in the event of damage caused by severe weather. If your roof hasn’t been inspected recently, contact an Olathe roofing company like Rhino Roofing to schedule an inspection.

Roof Inspections Help Homeowners Keep Up with Roof Maintenance

Yes. Your roof needs regular maintenance. It needs to be cleared of debris, the roof’s surface and drainage system (gutters) need to be cleaned, and caulking around flashing and vents needs to be repaired if damaged. Most roof repairs are only done as needed, so regularly scheduled inspections are the only way to identify what maintenance is required. Failure to keep up with these minor maintenance activities can lead to major problems that could have been prevented.

 Roof Inspections are Required by Some Insurance Agencies and Home Warranty Companies

If your roof is damaged during severe weather, your insurance company will only cover the entire cost of roof replacement if it is reasonable to believe that your roof was in good condition before the storm hit. The best way to prove that your roof was in good condition is by presenting paperwork from recent roof inspections. Some insurance companies and home warranty companies require regular home or roof inspections. If you aren’t sure what your insurance or warranty company requires, check the fine print in your policy or contract.

Roof Inspections Identify Small Problems Before They Become Severe

The most important reason to get your roof inspected regularly is the simplest: roof inspections identify roof problems. If you identify a roof leak before it causes your roof decking to rot, you have saved yourself a significant sum of money. Roof repair in Overland Park is always cheaper than complete roof replacement.

Identifying a problem with your roof in time to repair it also means that your home is safer. Roof inspections help protect your family and your investment.

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