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New Roof in Johnson County

How Regular Roof and Gutter Cleaning Can Extend the Life of Your Roof

No one wants to pay for a new roof in Johnson County unless they really need it. Roof replacement isn’t cheap in Kansas, and it takes time. If you want to make sure your current roof lasts as long as possible, it needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly.

Dirty Gutters Don’t Drain Adequately

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning their gutters. Nonetheless, dirty gutters accumulate dirt faster than clean gutters. As twigs and leaves begin to accumulate in your gutters, so will dirt and shingle debris. Before long, water will pool in one end of your gutter and not drain through the downspouts. If leaves and other debris overflow your gutters and onto your roof, you may even have water pool on your roof. Few things will damage your roof faster than standing water.

Dirty Roofs Break Down Faster, Causing You to Purchase a New Roof in Johnson County

Winter and fall months always have fewer hours of sunlight. Less sunlight, increased moisture, and a roof covered in leaves are a sure recipe for roof damage. Asphalt shingles and wood shingles need to dry fast, or they will deteriorate quickly. If you allow leaves to accumulate on your roof, they will block the sun and cause roofing materials to dry slower than they should.

If you have trouble keeping your roof free of leaves or debris, you probably need to trim your trees. If you aren’t sure why it’s so hard to keep your roof clean, call a Johnson County roofing company for help.

Damp Roofs Grow Algae and Moss

If your roof is not well-maintained or if overgrown trees have blocked sunlight from drying your roof, you may develop a problem with algae or moss. Once your roof grows algae and moss, it is often difficult to stop. The best way to handle it is by calling one of many professional Johnson County roofing companies experienced in treating algae and moss problems.

Clean Your Roof

Save yourself time and money by maintaining your roof, having it inspected regularly, and cleaning it often. Roof and gutter cleaning isn’t always fun, but it is worth it. If you already pay for a service to cut your lawn, they may also clean your roof and gutters as well. Otherwise, you can do most of it yourself with a ladder, broom, and a garden hose.

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