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Good Roofing Terms to Know In Overland Park

As an Overland Park roofing Company, we at Rhino Roofing understand the process of roof repair or installing a new roof can be quite intimidating for the average homeowner. With so many roofing terms, it can be pretty confusing when talking to any residential roofing contractors in Overland ParkWe are here to help you understand some of the most common roofing terms, so you feel confident when it comes to making a decision about your roof.  Here are good roofing terms to know in Overland Park.


Aggregate: a granular material made of rock, crushed stone, gravel, or crushed slag that is used to surface roof systems


Caulking: the process of sealing a joint or seam with caulk to avoid leakage 


Coating: the act of layering a fully adhered, fluid material over the roofing surface for protection and reducing the transfer of heat into the building, thus extending the life of the roof 


Drip edge: a metal, L-shaped strip that is installed at the edge of the roof and intended to control the flow of water 


Felt: sometimes called tar paper, a flexible sheet of asphalt-saturated material that acts as the base of the roof and lies between the roof and the house 


Flashing: a piece of metal material that prevents leakage between joints in the roof 


Membrane: a flexible material whose primary function is to move water off a roof 


Penetration: any vent, pipe, chimney, or any object that passes through the roof 


R-Value: a measure of the capacity an insulation material as in resisting heat. The higher the R-Value number, the better the insulating power it has 


Sheathing: the boards or sheets that go on top of your roofing structure so that the underlayment and covering can be applied 


Truss: a structural framework that provides support for a roof and bridges the space about a room 


If you need roof repair in Overland Park or emergency roof repair in Kansas City, Rhino Roofing is fully equipped to handle any situation. Whether it be following a violent storm, roof leakage, or missing shingles, Rhino Roofing is here for you as your trusted Wichita and Overland Park roofing company. We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service, which is why when you contact our team of residential roofing contractors in Overland Park, we will be ready to answer any question you have and guide you to a solution. If you’re looking for the best roofer in Overland Park, you’ve come to the right place!