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Tear off or not?

Your shingled roof is very often overlooked until a problem occurs. When a new roof becomes necessary, consider the options, as well as the criteria used to determine which system your roof is a candidate for.  Your existing shingle roof must be torn off if any one of these conditions exists. 

1.) Your roof has two or more layers. City codes require that at least one later be torn off, depending where you live. Most cities allow only two layers on your roof. Usually when you tear off your existing roof it is best to tear off all layers and is required in most cities.

2.) Your decking has rotted wood as evidenced by soft spots, or the roof will not hold a nail.  

3.) The shingles on your roof are excessively curled or buckled.  If so, your shingles are probably starting to fail. 

Your existing roof will be considered for re-roofing over the existing roof if it meets the following criteria. 

1.) The existing roof has one layer. 

2.) Your shingles are free of excessive curls and buckles. 

3.) The roof shows no evidence of rotted wood. 

Any visual flaws on the existing shingle roof will be exaggerated by re-roofing. Any dips, buckles or bumps will look larger with another layer of shingles on them. A re-roof costs less than a tear-off, but a re-roof seldom look as good as a tear-off. 

What licenses do you have?

Class C Johnson County Contractors Licensed for 7 Years

Class C International Building Code Licensed for 7 Years

Does it matter which color I choose?

There is a difference in the amount of heat that a dark shingle will absorb as opposed to a light colored one. Dark shingles absorb more heat, thus transferring more heat to your attic space. Light colors are just the opposite. There is a train of thought that says... Your dark roof absorbs more heat so it will wear out sooner. It is my belief that the quality of the shingle is the most important factor as to whether the roof fails prematurely or not. To deal with the heat transfer to your attic, from darker shingles, you must have your attic insulated and vented properly, thus keeping the attic air temperature as close as possible to the outside air temperature. The answer to which color to choose... Make sure you have adequate ventilation and insulation and choose a color you like!

What are those square things I see on roofs?

Those square things, sometimes round spinning things, are air vents. There is also a type that is called "ridge vents" that are not as noticeable. Also there are attic power vents that kick on and expel the air when it reaches a determined temperature or humidity level. Ventilation is very important to the life of your roof! If your attic space gets too hot, the heat, not only transfers down into your nice air conditioned living room, but it also builds up in the attic causing the shingles to get to hot from the underside, thus they will "dry out" prematurely. It is also important to have vents in your soffits or eaves and up towards the peak of your roof. This causes the air to move passively and won't allow heat buildup. Also the movement of air in your attic can help prevent condensation during extreme cold outside air temperatures. During cold snaps the cold outside air mixes with warm moist air that escapes from your house through attic access doors, bath vents, poorly insulated ceilings, light fixtures housings, and numerous other ways, causing moisture and frost in your

attic space. It is very important to prevent conditioned air from entering your attic space! Excess humidity in your home is not desirable! Also proper venting and insulating help prevent ice dams. Ice dams can occur when it is well below  freezing, but the snow on your roof still melts rapidly. The warm air escaping from your house melts the snow. The melting snow re-freezes when it reaches the overhangs of your roof where there is no warm air from your house to continue melting the snow, causing an ice dam to form higher and higher. A compounding problem!


Which shingle do I choose?

Good question. There are so many I have trouble keeping up with them myself! The main thing is choose a shingle that has at least a 30 year warranty. Also in the rare instance you have a problem with your roof, you want a company that will stand behind it. We use shingles made only by quality manufacturers. There are standard 30 year shingles, dimensional shingles, also called laminated or architectural shingles or simulated wood shake shingles and many "designer" shingles. The dimensional shingles have a rougher look and generally come with a better warranty. There are 30 year through lifetime warranties in the dimensional shingles. The weight of the shingles usually go up accordingly with the length of the shingle warranty. There are wood, slate, simulated slate, concrete, metal, clay tile, simulated clay tile, WHEW! The list goes on and on. Now days, most home owners choose 30 year laminated shingles. If you have a reputable contractor install your new roof he can help you select the right roof for you.

What can I do to prepare for the roofers ?

A number of things can be done to prepare before the job begins.

1.) Mow the grass and rake the leaves.

2.) Trim bushes and trees away from house if possible.

3.) Remove items on the walls and shelves if you think they are not secured properly.

4.) Cover valuables that may be in the attic.

5.) Remove vehicles from the garage and driveway.

6.) Let us know where a power outlet can be found and make sure it works.