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Common Roofing Questions Answered 

We get it; the roofing industry isn’t necessarily the easiest to understand. It is fairly complex and requires professionals to do the job. At Rhino Roofing, an Overland Park roofing company, we receive questions among homeowners all the time about their roof, which is why we’ve put together this list of common roofing questions and their answers to hopefully help you out and serve as a resource. Here are some common roofing questions answered.

How long does a roof last?

A very common question, but a good one at that. All roofing materials have different lifespans. For example, slate material lasts much longer than asphalt shingles by quite a few years. Basically, you can expect that the more money you spend on your roof, the longer it will last. To find out how many more years your roof has left before getting a new roof in Overland Park, check to see what material it is and when it was installed.  

If my roof is leaking do I need to completely replace it?

Not necessarily. Whether you need a new roof or not depends entirely on the extent of the damage. The longer you wait to call residential roofing contractors in Overland Park to fix it, the more damage will ensue.  

How often should I get a roof inspection?

Overland Park roofing companies recommend receiving a roof inspection at least once a year or every other year. 

How do I know it’s time to get a new roof?

Many signs will tell you that it’s time for a new roof in Overland Park. The first is age. Find out the average lifespan of your roofing material and how old your roof is. Other signs include shingles that are curling or cracking, holes in the shingles, wet spots in the ceiling, extensive water damage, and problems near the chimney and stack vents. All of these are great indicators that it may be time to replace your roof. To know for sure, call the best roofer in Overland Park to inspect it.   

I was scammed on my last roofing project. How do I know if a roofing company is legit?

A legit Overland Park roofing company will be licensed with the state and carry both worker’s comp and liability insurance. Don’t just take their word for it. Ask to see copies of all of these documents for full proof. 

Am I able to clean my asphalt roof with a pressure washer? 

No! Pressure washing an asphalt roof will remove the granules from the shingles and ultimately reduce its lifespan tremendously. Granules are the protection piece of a roof from elements like rain and wind. If you must clean your roof, it is recommended by Overland Park roofing companies to safely use a broom or scraper and remove debris or, better yet, contact a qualified roofer to do the job for you.  


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