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Common Questions Before New Roof Installation

The time has finally come, and your Olathe residential roofing company is scheduled to install a new roof on your house. Are you ready? Do you have questions? If so, don’t worry––we have you covered! These are some of the most common questions we hear before installing a new roof.

How should I prepare?

There isn’t much to do to prepare, but there are a few things you can do. Put your cars in your garage, under your carport, or in front of a neighbor’s home down the street. Ensure lawn chairs, your barbecue pit, kid’s toys, and anything else you keep outside are either inside or at a safe distance from your home. The first step of roof replacement is stripping off roofing materials and throwing them in a commercial dumpster. Anything left close to your house could get damaged by falling roof debris.

Discuss it with your roofer before work starts if you are concerned about landscaping, your pool, or anything else.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Every roof is different, but an average roof can often be replaced in a single day. It will take longer if your roof is larger than average, if decking needs to be replaced, if your house is three stories or more, or if you have a steeply pitched roof. Rain, high winds, and other weather-related problems can also cause delays.

If you haven’t already asked, consult your roofer for a more reliable estimate of how long they expect to spend replacing your roof. Be prepared for the work to take longer than their estimate in case something unexpected occurs.

Is roof replacement noisy?

Yes. It isn’t noisy all day long, but parts of the job can get noisy.

Will the roofing crew clean up their own mess?

Yes. Your roofer should clean up the mess themselves. That is part of the job.

After the work is complete, you should do a final review with your roofer and identify anything that needs to be cleaned up or put back in place. If you have any additional questions or are unsatisfied with a part of the job, make sure to discuss that as well.

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