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4 Common Roof Problems

As a roofing company in Johnson County, we see worn out, damaged, and leaking roofs every day. Some roof problems result from normal aging or typical wear and tear that occurs over time. Many roof problems can be treated and repaired before requiring major repairs or roof replacement. Problem #1 – Moss or Algae on … Continue reading “4 Common Roof Problems”

Is Your Roof Storm Ready?

Many homeowners with older houses aren’t sure how to distinguish between normal wear and a roof problem that could lead to disaster in the next big storm. If you think you may need a new roof in Johnson County but aren’t sure, we want to help you identify if your roof is storm-ready or not. … Continue reading “Is Your Roof Storm Ready?”

Does My Roof Need Maintenance?

Most homeowners understand the need for routine maintenance on their houses. Faucets occasionally need to be repaired or replaced. Walls need to be painted when the paint starts peeling, or the color fades. The lawn has to be mowed––or the homeowners association will complain. But what about your roof? Most people don’t think about their … Continue reading “Does My Roof Need Maintenance?”

What To Do If You Have a Roof Leak and Need Olathe Emergency Roof Repair

Most people don’t think about their roof until they need emergency roof repair in Olathe. All homeowners can agree that if you have a roof leak, it can be highly frustrating. Finding the source, fixing it, spotting the spread, and protecting everything around it can be a major hassle. Commercial roofing contractors in Olathe are … Continue reading “What To Do If You Have a Roof Leak and Need Olathe Emergency Roof Repair”