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Most Common Problems of Flat Roofs

Commercial roofing is very different than residential roofing for many reasons. The first is that the majority of commercial roofs are flat, while residential roofs have slopes. Because of this, different roofing materials are used which create different problems. According to Overland Park roofing companies, the following are four of the most common problems of flat … Continue reading “Most Common Problems of Flat Roofs”

Common Roofing Myths  

Over the years, many myths have developed about the roofing industry and roofers in general. To help ease your concerns and debunk any stereotypes that you have in your mind, we’re here to answer five common roofing myths.   Myth 1: Shingling Over Old Shingles is the Same Thing as Replacing Them One of the most common … Continue reading “Common Roofing Myths  “