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5 Signs of Poor Roof Ventilation

When it comes time to install a new roof in Johnson County, it isn’t always ideal to make your new roof exactly like your old one. You may decide to install higher quality shingles, better flashing, or additional roof vents. A poorly ventilated roof will have a significantly shorter life span than a well-ventilated roof. Talk to your Johnson County roofing company about improving ventilation if you notice any of these five signs.

Sign #1 – Ice Dams During the Winter

A poorly ventilated and insulated roof is much more likely to form ice dams around the roof’s edge. Ice dams prevent water from melting snow on your from running off the edge of the roof. The accumulated water then either forms additional ice or soaks into your roof’s structure until it penetrates the roof entirely. Most Johnson County roofing companies can help you improve roof ventilation and, when necessary, implement other technology for preventing ice dams.

Sign #2 – Mold or Algae on the Roof

A poorly ventilated roof will retain moisture inside the attic, especially in warmer weather. Excessive moisture can produce mold or algae in your attic, on your roof’s surface, or both. If you have mold and algae on your roof or in your attic, you have a serious problem. Make sure you identify all the possible sources of your problem––because there may be more than one. Roof leaks are also a potential cause of mold and algae.

Sign #3 – High Interior Temperatures in the Summer

A well-ventilated roof can “breathe.” Most homes have vents under the roof eaves where cooler, fresh air can be drawn in and exhaust vents on top of the roof that allow hot, humid air to escape. If sufficient functional intake and exhaust vents are not present, hot air will become trapped in your attic on warm days and cause a steady increase in temperature until the sun goes down. Hot air in your attic will proportionately cause either higher temperatures inside your home or an unnecessarily heavy load on your air conditioning system.

Sign #4 – Excessive Interior Humidity

In the same way that a poorly ventilated roof can trap hot air inside, it can also trap humid air inside. If not allowed to escape, the humid air in your attic will eventually work its way down into your living space and create excessively humid conditions.

Sign #5 – Premature Roof Deterioration

A poorly ventilated roof will retain moist, warm air inside. The heat and moisture will accelerate the deterioration of your roof––and anything inside your attic. So, if your roof has deteriorated much faster than expected, you may have a ventilation problem.

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