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4 Common Roof Problems

As a roofing company in Johnson County, we see worn out, damaged, and leaking roofs every day. Some roof problems result from normal aging or typical wear and tear that occurs over time. Many roof problems can be treated and repaired before requiring major repairs or roof replacement.

Problem #1 – Moss or Algae on Your Roof

If your roof appears to have turned green, brown, gray, or blue, you may have a problem with moss or algae. Both moss and algae are a clear sign that your roof is not as dry as it should be. This is often caused by debris remaining on your roof for extended periods, overgrown trees that block sunlight from drying your roof out, a severe lack of ventilation, or a combination. If moss or algae is allowed to grow for too long, it will undoubtedly damage your shingles, causing them to curl and break. Once your shingles begin to curl, they have to be replaced.

Problem #2 – Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters aren’t always easy to identify from the ground. However, clogged gutters often lead to water pooling on the surface of your roof, which can create significant damage in a very short period. Standing water on your roof will not only damage shingles, but it can quickly soak through to roof decking and cause both rot and mildew.

Problem #3 – Minor Leaks

Minor leaks often cause more damage than major leaks. This is because a large leak is often discovered and repaired quickly. However, a small leak may not be noticed for weeks or months. Small leaks can allow water to enter your attic space unnoticed and slowly create a moisture problem which produces mold and weakens the structure of your home.

Problem #4 – Damaged Flashing Near Roof Vents and Chimneys

The metal flashing surrounding roof vents, skylights, and chimneys is critical to your roof’s structure. When flashing is installed improperly or allowed to corrode and rust without being repaired, severe problems (water leaks) can result. Problems with flashing can rarely ever be diagnosed from the ground.

What to Do

The best way to prevent these problems is to schedule regular roof inspections with a trusted Johnson County roofing company. Once you have a problem, hire a professional roofer in Johnson County to repair the damage.

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